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How can we convert a small school gym or sports academy gym to a world-class S&C space and train an entire team throughout the day?


A well equipped and spacious S&C facility is a dream of all the S&C coaches. Designing and equipping a S&C  gym is like solving a puzzle with dozens of potential solutions. Just because one combination of equipment, storage, and open space might work logistically doesn’t mean it’s the best option for specific needs. If I have the opportunity to build a Dream gym, it will probably look something like the below pic.


The above picture is from roguefitness.com, where you can design and build your custom gym.


We have worked in multiple facilities ranging from 4 car garages set up to 8000 sq feet. When we worked at a 1000 sq feet gym, we managed about 10 to 15 athletes at a time. It was challenging to run programs without adjusting to accommodate all the athletes.


A football team with somewhere from 40 to 60 athletes would be challenging to train with 1000 sq feet. The outside area can be handy in this situation, and we can use open space to do power, speed, and conditioning training outside. We will divide the whole team in a set of 4 groups with 10 to 15 athletes in each group. We will group similar physical characteristics athletes in the same group to share the equipment and weights. We will execute the program in wave style where the first group will start warming up in open space and move to power and speed training in 15 to 20 min. The next group will begin to warm up once the first group is moved on to the Power section.  Below is the layout of a 1000 sq feet facility with 5000 sq feet open area.  


Area : Con(Conditioning); Warm-up & Cool Down; Power; Speed and agility; Strength


We will rotate a team of 10 to 15 athletes across different workout sections throughout the session. We are assuming that we have enough barbells, squat stands, and equipment to manage 15 athletes inside the facility. The workout session will start every 20 min for each group. We will change the programming to time the rest and work very precisely to move the class from one station to another. 


AMRAPs or every minute on the minutes’ style of workout will work best in this situation. We will use online apps, such as TeamBuilders or Truecoach, WhatsApp to deliver our programming directly to our athletes in advance. We will also include a video briefing of the day and an exercise demo with each workout’s intent and stimulus.  This will allow us to save some time on-site on logistics and spend more time on coaching. With the above plan, we can peak our athletes during the session as most of the speed and power training will be outside, and we can maintain max strength inside the weight room. However, no plan is a perfect plan, and whether the condition will require on the fly adjustment, which is very hard to predict.


Reach out to us if you are interested to set up an affordable S&C Facility in your School/Sports Facility. We have built multiple facilities in India and the US and can provide consulting for your facility.

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