PA Home Program Subscription

1,499.00 799.00 / month for 24 months and a 99.00 sign-up fee

This program is specially designed keeping in mind the people who stay at home, have a sedentary lifestyle, never stepped inside a gym, and also those who are suffering from chronic pain and have been advised not to lift weights. This program will teach you how to move in a safe and better way in real life, and handle the physical demand of your daily work.

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Why Should I Join This Program?

  • Are you suffering from chronic joint pain/obesity/diabetes/thyroid/hypertension etc. and are dependent on medicines?
  • Do you stay at home and want to lead a healthy lifestyle without disturbing your other commitments?
  • Are you a working professional and/or travel constantly, and find it difficult to sustain your fitness routine?

It does not matter if you have never done any exercise in your life. We have carefully designed 3 progressive stages to create a growth-oriented environment for you to ensure you learn and transition safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Note: Subscription allows you to save 199/month however you must have a credit card or debit card of the selected bank(ICICI/CITI/CANARA/KOTAK) to subscribe. you can pause or cancel your subscription any time by loging into your account.

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