How to Track “Consistency” in foods?

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How to meet your nutrition targets 


How consistent do I need to be? Research shows that any effort— no matter how imperfect—can result in real, measurable progress. It’s about learning and accepting that better is better and that even a little effort can translate into real progress and health benefits. For more moderate goals, a target of 75-80% consistency is often the sweet spot to make continual progress while still living an enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle. For more advanced goals, a target of 90%+ consistency is often needed to push boundaries and reach more extreme levels of human physiology. 


If you’re using your hand to measure and track your portions which we shared in our  blog on 24th April: 


Using a hand portion will help you meet your targets. Your goal is to be as consistent as you can, but not obsessive. Keeping track of your portion can be a great way to be consistent. We are sharing an example picture of a tracker and you can track it in multiple ways.

You can check off each portion box as you eat the portion.


  • You can place numbers in each portion box to indicate which meal you ate the portions. (So you can see which meals you are—or aren’t—hitting your portion target.)
  • You can use letters in each portion box to indicate what foods you ate that fulfilled that portion. (Example: “C” for chicken under protein, or “F” for fruit under carbs.)
  • You can do all of the above. (Example: “C3” for chicken eaten at your third meal.)
  • You can create your own process for tracking your consistency.

Ultimately, it’s all about finding the approach that works best for you.


Here is an example picture of a tracker we have talked about:


Use your creativity and make your tracking sheet. Share with us how you do it and start following it. After all, it matters what you do inside the gym but it even matters the most what you do outside of it.


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